GvP For a healthy view on poultry

GvP functions as specialized independent veterinary practice for poultry health care. Our areas of expertise are gut health, feed, housing and farm management.

New approach against Enterococcus infections

By combining regular farm visits, post mortem findings and in-house diagnostics we are able to develop a customized plan to reduce infections with Enterococcus spp.

Specialized veterinary support for every poultry business

We provide complete veterinary services to many areas of the poultry industry. Together with our customers, we develop an customized, optimal working strategy.


Ons unieke concept
Volledig afgestemd op de wensen van de pluimveehouder.

De één wenst zo weinig mogelijk begeleiding en doet zoveel mogelijk zelf, terwijl de ander juist het voordeel inziet van intensieve begeleiding en/of besteedt het liefst zoveel mogelijk uit.

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Enthusiastic and involved
How do we improve the health status of poultry .

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Our team consists of a group of three poultry veterinarians , three vet assistants and an analyst .

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Head office:
Atlantis 39
7821 AX Emmen
The Netherlands


Location Friesland:
Anne Wadmanwei 2-B
8914 BD Leeuwarden
The Netherlands


Location Germany:
Rütenbrocker Hauptstrasse 45-B
49733 Haren – Rütenbrock

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